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Finalmente...Week Seis

October 18, 2014

Wow. This email has been hard to even start to write. My thoughts are all over the place. Stress to the max is happening in the arena of packing. Don't you fret though I think I can handle this. :P So with that exciting intro here we go. :)

Saturday- Really not much happened after I finished writing you all. Burger Supreme run. Then we had a substitute teacher that was very handsome and the other Hermana's were dying over him.
Pretty funny to watch all the Elders reaction to it. He was a great teacher though and had us do a practice lesson on "how to begin teaching" with another district in our zone. It was great practice and was great feedback for our companionship from a fellow Hermana. Great day.

Sunday- Well I was finally released from STL which was kind of a relief but a great experience. I sang Gethsemane (Kaitlyn singing last Easter with Danielle Lewis on the violin) in sacrament meeting. It was powerful and I felt the truthfulness of what I was singing so strongly. That night our devotional was by a man that is over all the church media so he showed us a bunch of mormon messages and it was awesome. He showed us the rough cut for the Christmas message. It is going to be sweet and be all over all the boards in NYC right across from MTC. It is awesome. He also showed us #ItWasMom which I had never seen. It is so worth the watch. It is truly how I feel about all the women in my life that have guided me along my way. Aunts. Coaches. Second moms. But most especially. It is the definition of how I feel about my mom and how incredible she is and how integral a part of life she is to me. Love you mom!! Then he followed it by Because of Him which I think I talk about every email. Whoops. It is just that good. This time was different though because I was overwhelmed by the spirit and an excitement and desire to share His message and to teach people about Him. It was incredible. 

We're so happy she got the camera!
Monday- The highlight of this day was getting a working camera with everything figured out. Thanks Mom and Dad!! You are awesome! This is literally all my journal entry says. Pretty sad. I must have been running short on time. The problem is that it was so many days ago in missionary time that I really don't remember anything special that happened that day. Sorry. 
Tuesday- Lots of awesome things happened this day. One of which was meeting a German, French, and British missionary all in the same companionship on our way back from main campus. The french elder was black. It was seriously so awesome! They had just arrived and about died crossing the cross walk when it was the "Do Not Walk" sign. The struggle is real for them, but it was neat to meet them. Hna. Farrow and I were up on main campus getting some alterations done to our clothing. 50cts per item. Killer deal! Pays to be a missionary! :) This was also the day that we had our first skype lesson. It ended up being with one of the head haunchos at the CCM in Mexico named Alexandra. She was super sweet and nice. We taught about Christ and bore our testimonies and then ended by singing her "I Know that My Redeemer Lives". It was exciting but made my little Spanish glaringly apparent. That is ok, there is always room for improvement and through the Lord and hard work all things are possible. That night we had the best devotional ever. it was incredible. He is a quorum of the 70. Larry Lawrence. His devotional was how Satan gets us and how we can conquer him. I am going to share some of it with you. It was so awesome. 

Ways Satan Gets You
1. Straight and blatant temptation and doubt
  - He whispers these so that you don't recognize it as him. 
 The way in which to overcome it is simply shown by President Heber J. Grant. He would just say, "Mr. Devil SHUT UP!" Just rebuke him and make him leave. He also said that having scriptures memorized can help with this as well. 
2. Use of lies and deception
    - The spirit of the Lord will always tell you the truth however. LISTEN! 
    - Satan is not a creator. He is a destroyer!
3. Father of Contention 
   - Contention=NO SPIRIT
   - "Spirit of the Lord will always depart with contention no matter who is at fault." James E. Faust
    - It all begins with fault finding! STOP IT!
4. Discouragement
    - Weakens testimony with this. Stay Strong!
    - Pray to conquer Satan!! Best tactic!
    - Negative words expose your weaknesses to Satan. Bridle your tongue. Satan CANNOT know your thoughts unless you utter them aloud. 

Favorite quote from all of this, "The devil targets those who have the most potential for eternal happiness." Simply put life is going to get harder the closer you come to God because your potential for eternal life is that much greater. One of our presidency wives said, " We must be doing something right when everything is going wrong." Remember this in those tough times. It just means you are on the right path! We all can do hard things and overcome Satan if we turn to our Father in Heaven and Savior. If you are being obedient he will have no influence over you! Oh fun fact. My teacher taught Steven Nish two years ago and in class told me that he FB stalked me to add him as a friend. Kind of random. Small world. 

Wednesday- I fasted this day for a couple of reasons. It was such a great day. I received my answer through feelings of peace and affirmation. The Lord does answer! He loves us! We saw our teachers mission video compilation and we heard the song from Best Two Years with the words, "Don't you know, can't you see, I'm not who I used to be. See what the Lord has made of me." That is my new mantra. I want to come back a better person with a greater relationship with my Lord and Savior. 

Superwoman jammies
Thursday- I received the BEST package ever! Seriously so many goodies and fun stuff and necessities. Thanks mom! We played kickball this day and it was awesome!! We also ended up doing the cut-off drill with four of us that played baseball/softball. It was awesome. I am still sore. We had our worst lesson by far this night. Just was struggling to say anything in Spanish. Then I was asking our investigator to read versiculo siete but instead of saying siete I said 7 and didn't even realize I had switched into English until he corrected me. Then Hna. Farrow started laughing and I lost it. It was bad. Long day....but I can always get better right?! Great memory.
Halloween package

Friday- We had all day long infield orientation. It was good and got me excited for the work, but was super long! We had our final class with Hno. Cuadra AKA one of the most influential men I have met in my life up to this point. It was incredible. We sang Come Unto Christ to him at the end and then he played his viola for us. He is amazing! Was in the BYU orchestra and his sister won Spain's Got Talent. Seriously they are all musically gifted. He then gave the most incredible prayer in which he prayed for all of us individually in spanish and blessed us with so many things. It was powerful. He is so Christlike and endures so much. He has seen so much death in his life but through it all has come even closer to his Savior. My favorite thing he said was that he wants no empty seats when he sees us again on the other side. We need to all hold on and stay strong. Amazing. Funny thing. He pronounces muddy buddies like moody booties....makes my day!! 
Hno. Cuadro with her district
Trying to 'Gangster' (??)
Saturday- Stressful but great. We just so happened to see Hno. Cuadra after our temple session behind the temple. Weird right? Definitely not planned. Love him. Oh and we get to see Meet the Mormons tomorrow night after our devotional! Awesome right?! Well this is my last email from the Provo MTC. Monday morning bright and early I will be heading on the adventure of my life to Argentina. Thank you for all the prayers. I will talk to you next week! 

Remember who you are, what you represent, and who you truly have the potential to become! You can come off conquerors of Satan! Be strong! The little things count! Love and OPEN YOUR MOUTH!! Share this beautiful message and help those missionaries in your areas find the lost sheep! 

Love you all so much, 

Hermana Albach 

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