Tuesday, May 26, 2015

And it's...... a GRINGA!!!!

May 25, 2015

 K8 and Bernal
Hola errybody!! Can you believe it has been another week!?! I can't, this week was absolutely so different and overwhelming and crazy and awesome. So we crossed over to Argentina Wednesday in the afternoon and from there we all went to areas in Argentina to work for the night. So I had my first experience in my entire mission working in Argentina. It was fun. I met Hermana Cuero who is from Ecuador and is AWESOME!! We then headed in to Posadas Thursday morning to meet our cute newbie. But don't worry I had already ruled out one of the hermanas who had been sick that let slip where she would be heading. Anyways, we had a little training from President and then we all ate breakfast before the unveiling of our companions. We had actually been sitting by my future comp and I had no idea. I was casi positiva <almost positive> that my companera <companion> would be a Latina. Boy! was I surprised. My companion is actually from Hawaii and is really sweet. Her name is Hermana Bernal and she is real fun. 

Hermana LaPierre, Hermana Bernal, President LaPierre
We headed back over to Paraguay and found out that we had left our keys with another Hermana. Yikes. Resolved that fiasco and then went out to work. That is basically what this week was, WORK. But I can bear strong testimony that obedience brings such blessings and I saw two real special ones. We had two times in the same day that we just happened (not really) to run into people. 

The first one was in a store bathroom when my comp really couldn't wait. Met a lady that will hopefully be coming to an activity and we can talk more with her. The second time was at the end of a long day when we could have rationalized going home but we decided to go and contact in the park. We found a girl crying on the park bench and we were able to talk with her. Offer comfort and share a scripture and a prayer and get a phone number. It was such a testimony to me that the Lord is in the work and he will truly put people in places if we are trying to do his will. The scripture that I have had running through my head all this week since before my new companion is Mosiah 23:10, 21-22. I know that this transfer may be a test for me in a lot of different ways but as long as I am turning to my Savior and putting my trust in him it will all work out for the best. I love you all very much and I have just a couple of questions for you if you wouldn't mind answering and sending them to me. I would really appreciate it. 

1. How have you been blessed by attending church meetings on Sundays?
2. How have you been blessed by paying a faithful tithe and fast offering?
3. What blessings have you seen from living the word of wisdom?


Hermana Albach

Another One Bites the Dust...

May 18, 2015

Hola familia,

For Uncle Mike! Oy!
Hace mucho no? <Not long ago?> Well another week has come and gone....and so did my companion. She left me last night and headed to Posadas to finish her mission and then head home to Peru. She was a big blessing in my life and I am glad to have known and learned from her!! So as for my new companion.......duh duh duh...........I am going to be training!!! Yikes!! I think I might wet my pants! I am not ready to be a mother!! But the time has come I guess. I have actually had a lot of peace about it and kind of knew it was coming. I have said many a prayer and know that the Lord is going to be there to help me along the way. 

Fun sign for Encarnacion
There are only 4 Gringas coming and 5 Latinas. I think I will be training a Latina which will be good so that I can continue to improve my Spanish!! We will see. I meet my hija <new companion> Wednesday night. But in the meantime, I get to enjoy a much needed English break with Hermana Jessica Fraze from California. She was with me in CDE in the other area and is a crack up. She also played basketball so we are best friends obviously. :) I am staying in the same area so I will get to celebrate my birthday with people I know. Well at least I hope we somewhat celebrate it....or maybe we won't. Guess we will see. 

This week was a bit different because we had divisions so that my companion could go to Iguazu to see the falls and then we were just visiting people and preparing for her to go home. I made cinnamon rolls and little notes and we went around and visited the mothers for Mother's Day which is the 15th of May here in Paraguay. 

Hermana Gonzales
Oh, but the best part of the whole week was Sunday!! We had two menos activos <less actives> come and two investigators that we had basically dropped because they weren't progressing. Bueno, the father, is an inactive member and the son is an investigator. Awesome!! We will be looking into visiting them more in the coming weeks. But with the Hermana Carmen it was like a celebrity had come to church everyone was rushing to greet her and talk with her. It was an awesome reception and hopefully helps her to keep coming and keep progressing. That was the highlight of the week. 

I just find that time passes the fastest when I am thinking about others and how to bring them closer to their Savior and I love this principle! Oh, so the scripture to read this week is Mosiah 21:14-15!! I love the principle that the Lord was slow to hear but that HE HEARD igual no mas <just the same>!! We can truly know that there is nothing we can do that will keep the Lord from hearing us!! 

Well, I am sorry there isn´t much detail but i will give you all the deets next week when I know more! Love you and keep praying and doing the little things! And know that you are loved and the Lord is listening!!!


Hermana Albach
Interesting mosiac
Nasty spiders that would have sent my
mom home months ago if she'd been here!

Dia de la madre y entravistes!

May 11, 2015
<Mother's Day and Interviews>

Mother's Day Skype view from Encarnacion
Hola familia!! It was so great to talk with all of you that were at my house! Including Calen Tregeagle! (You get serious props for dancing and showing up for my Skype!!) Everyone seems so happy and it was awesome to talk and share my experiences face to face for once. Other then that we had a lot of crazy things this week as far as differing schedule. 

Oh, and I got bangs (?!)
I had my interview with Pte. LaPierre and it was SO GREAT!!! I left feeling so light and so happy about the opportunity to be a mission. He said something that made me think. He said I had finally decided and arrived to be a missionary and when that happens it is so much easier and you love it. Doesn't mean you love every moment but overall it is just a great opportunity to learn, grow, and share with others. Also the elders in another rama <branch> had a baptism, we were super stoked to bring Bernadina to see it because she has a baptismal date and she said she wanted to see what a baptism is like in our church. It rained. Enough said. She wouldn't come and then after promising she would come to church the next day, she didn't come to that either. At first I was super frustrated but then after a little bit I realized and had it reaffirmed to me that we ALL have our albedrio <agency> and it is really important that she make the decision to follow Christ on her own. We truly are given the choice every day to choose Christ or not! There is no other option. We choose our Savior and salvation when we go to church, when we pray morning and night, and when we read his words. Choices are SO key! We need to constantly be evaluating our choices and if we are making good ones! 

Well other than that, we contacted a bunch and we found some great potentials. My companion leaves in a week and I can't believe it has already been another cambio <transfer>!!  She is excited... and can't believe she is going home. I love her a whole lot. We have had a lot of good conversations and she really truly has my back. She reminded me once when I was feeling down that, "you are beautiful. Inside and out!" It was just what I needed to hear. 

We will find out next week about my next adventure!! Love you all! Choose Christ every day!!! Love you!
Going to miss my 'fun-sized' Hermana Mamani!

And one last thing...

Also, don't try this at home... onion + mascara = no bueno!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Struggle Bus with titles lately...

May 4, 2015

Hey family!! Crazy that is is already Monday again. Well, this week I had divisions with Hermana Jackman that has only been in the field three weeks. She was with me in my area and she does not speak hardly any Spanish. Pressure!! But it went alright we were able to visit with a lot of menos activos <less active> and one of our investigators. Overall a great day and she is a gem. Her parents own Roxberry shakes so if you haven't, go check them out. She says they are great. I only trust her because she taught me that you can cut up your fruit (like bananas) and put them in the freezer and that can be your ice. Yeah I know...I am 22 and I should have known that. Like I always say... the struggle is real. 

Other than that, we were able to meet with Narda and Arturo. They are so great. They actually texted us and asked to meet and set the time and updated us when they needed to meet earlier. This never happens. We were pretty stoked. We watched the RestauraciĆ³n and the spirit was SO strong. I was able to witness that once again this message is true and powerful. They told us that they know it is true they just can't do anything or change just yet due to a lot of circumstances. I know that they will be baptized at some future point. I just don't know when but I know the Lord knows when. We all have a time and our days are numbered to the Lord and I personally think that also applies to when we will accept the gospel. 

It rained on Sunday so we only had 11 people at church that weren't missionaries. I was able to fast and really feel of the power of Fast Sunday and I was so grateful for the sacrament and the opportunity to bear my testimony. I just know this church is true and is the only way we receive and find lasting happiness. We also taught to grandkids of an investigator with my Book of Mormon with drawings first and then they wanted their very own. They asked where we get our libro de mormons <Book of Mormon> and when we told them that they have them in Asuncion, the grandson, Junior was like, "I have to go all the way to Asuncion to get one??" We laughed and handed over one of our many copies. They have incredible questions and are so smart and actually keep the commitments and read what we assign and want to know more. I don't think there father will support them being baptized and they need that support because they are so young but we are at least able to plant the seeds so that one day they can look back and remember the things they once learned and felt. 

Really this week was hard but I learned so much and I really do know that the Lord is at the head of this church and that we ALL have a purpose and if we will just ask our Heavenly Father he will show us that purpose and help us to achieve it as well. 

Love you all so much and I am super excited to see my sweet family this Sunday!! Have a great week and if you are wanting to know what you should read check out 3 Nefi 14 it is some pretty great stuff. 

Hermana Albach

Falta un Titulo capo...perdon

<Lacking a Title...Sorry>
April 27, 2015

Hermana Mamani
MbaĆ©’chepa! (Bah-eh-sheh-pah)!!! Hola familia!!! There is some guarani for you!! This week had some great moments. One of which was getting to have a special mission devotional done by Elder Dallin H. Oaks. He was in the Resistencia Mission (shoutout to my primo, Steven Nish) and because our mission is so close we were privileged to be a part of it. I learned so much about dia de reposo <Sabbath Day>, revelation, and the importance of the santa cena <atonement>. We were promised as missionaries if we focused on helping people understand the santa cena and why we go to church, we would see miracles. 

I then had the awesome opportunity to give my second talk ever in the mission in Spanish about the santa cena! I was that speaker that took the whole rest of the time and didn't leave my companion time to speak. Say what??? In a foreign language....crazy. She was actually really happy she didn't have to speak and before you all think I spoke for an hour, the elders in our ward spoke first so I really only spoke for like 15-20 minutes. It was so awesome to speak and feel like I could finally communicate and speak what the Lord wanted me to. 

We also were able to meet with Cecilia who is a 17-year-old and she was super receptive and is super smart. She didn't come to church, but a pioneer of the church did come with us. He has been inactive for a LOT of years but we and the elders went to pick him up on Sunday and he CAME! That is a first in my mission and it was a great feeling. We also had an unexpected, awesome, spiritual experience when we were sharing the Gracias a El <Thanks to Him> and Gracias a que el Vive <Because He Lives> videos with an investigator who had a friend over. The spirit was so strong and she said that she felt something. She has our number and we are hoping to get a chance to teach her. 

Oh, and as for Cooking Kate, I made banana bread this week and the people were in awe...they liked it. Haha who doesn't? 

Honestly, this week was hard and I have felt at times that my prayers aren't being answered or that I am far away from my Father in Heaven and His influence but then I read Joseph Smith - History 1:29 and was struck. He prayed to know his standing before his Father in Heaven and to be forgiven have COMPLETE confidence that he would be answered, because he already had been before. I felt that what I had been lacking was faith in my Father in Heaven and a lack of confidence that I would indeed receive these answers I was searching for. Why wouldn't I? The Lord has been a huge part of my life and has helped to show me that a mission was important and needed in my life, that transferring to UVU was the best decision, etc. Truly, when we want to doubt, do as Dieter F. Uchtdorf says and "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith." Look back on those experiences you have had and those answers you have received. We learn from the scriptures that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If this is really true then he won't just quit answering us if we are worthy and in the right place to receive the answer. I also have such a testimony of keeping a scripture/spiritual journal to help you remember your experiences. 

Well, I love you all. That is all I have time for! Hope you have a great week and know that you are loved and the Lord is there and loves you more than you could ever know!!

Love you,

Hermana Albach

P.S. Oh, I got bit by a big, huge dog that looked like a teddy bear. Officially a Mormon Missionary now. All good. Promise. Testimony of garments. Just three puncture points and a HUGE bruise on my upper outer thigh...haha it was scary.