Thursday, May 7, 2015

Struggle Bus with titles lately...

May 4, 2015

Hey family!! Crazy that is is already Monday again. Well, this week I had divisions with Hermana Jackman that has only been in the field three weeks. She was with me in my area and she does not speak hardly any Spanish. Pressure!! But it went alright we were able to visit with a lot of menos activos <less active> and one of our investigators. Overall a great day and she is a gem. Her parents own Roxberry shakes so if you haven't, go check them out. She says they are great. I only trust her because she taught me that you can cut up your fruit (like bananas) and put them in the freezer and that can be your ice. Yeah I know...I am 22 and I should have known that. Like I always say... the struggle is real. 

Other than that, we were able to meet with Narda and Arturo. They are so great. They actually texted us and asked to meet and set the time and updated us when they needed to meet earlier. This never happens. We were pretty stoked. We watched the RestauraciĆ³n and the spirit was SO strong. I was able to witness that once again this message is true and powerful. They told us that they know it is true they just can't do anything or change just yet due to a lot of circumstances. I know that they will be baptized at some future point. I just don't know when but I know the Lord knows when. We all have a time and our days are numbered to the Lord and I personally think that also applies to when we will accept the gospel. 

It rained on Sunday so we only had 11 people at church that weren't missionaries. I was able to fast and really feel of the power of Fast Sunday and I was so grateful for the sacrament and the opportunity to bear my testimony. I just know this church is true and is the only way we receive and find lasting happiness. We also taught to grandkids of an investigator with my Book of Mormon with drawings first and then they wanted their very own. They asked where we get our libro de mormons <Book of Mormon> and when we told them that they have them in Asuncion, the grandson, Junior was like, "I have to go all the way to Asuncion to get one??" We laughed and handed over one of our many copies. They have incredible questions and are so smart and actually keep the commitments and read what we assign and want to know more. I don't think there father will support them being baptized and they need that support because they are so young but we are at least able to plant the seeds so that one day they can look back and remember the things they once learned and felt. 

Really this week was hard but I learned so much and I really do know that the Lord is at the head of this church and that we ALL have a purpose and if we will just ask our Heavenly Father he will show us that purpose and help us to achieve it as well. 

Love you all so much and I am super excited to see my sweet family this Sunday!! Have a great week and if you are wanting to know what you should read check out 3 Nefi 14 it is some pretty great stuff. 

Hermana Albach

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