Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dia de la madre y entravistes!

May 11, 2015
<Mother's Day and Interviews>

Mother's Day Skype view from Encarnacion
Hola familia!! It was so great to talk with all of you that were at my house! Including Calen Tregeagle! (You get serious props for dancing and showing up for my Skype!!) Everyone seems so happy and it was awesome to talk and share my experiences face to face for once. Other then that we had a lot of crazy things this week as far as differing schedule. 

Oh, and I got bangs (?!)
I had my interview with Pte. LaPierre and it was SO GREAT!!! I left feeling so light and so happy about the opportunity to be a mission. He said something that made me think. He said I had finally decided and arrived to be a missionary and when that happens it is so much easier and you love it. Doesn't mean you love every moment but overall it is just a great opportunity to learn, grow, and share with others. Also the elders in another rama <branch> had a baptism, we were super stoked to bring Bernadina to see it because she has a baptismal date and she said she wanted to see what a baptism is like in our church. It rained. Enough said. She wouldn't come and then after promising she would come to church the next day, she didn't come to that either. At first I was super frustrated but then after a little bit I realized and had it reaffirmed to me that we ALL have our albedrio <agency> and it is really important that she make the decision to follow Christ on her own. We truly are given the choice every day to choose Christ or not! There is no other option. We choose our Savior and salvation when we go to church, when we pray morning and night, and when we read his words. Choices are SO key! We need to constantly be evaluating our choices and if we are making good ones! 

Well other than that, we contacted a bunch and we found some great potentials. My companion leaves in a week and I can't believe it has already been another cambio <transfer>!!  She is excited... and can't believe she is going home. I love her a whole lot. We have had a lot of good conversations and she really truly has my back. She reminded me once when I was feeling down that, "you are beautiful. Inside and out!" It was just what I needed to hear. 

We will find out next week about my next adventure!! Love you all! Choose Christ every day!!! Love you!
Going to miss my 'fun-sized' Hermana Mamani!

And one last thing...

Also, don't try this at home... onion + mascara = no bueno!

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