Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Another One Bites the Dust...

May 18, 2015

Hola familia,

For Uncle Mike! Oy!
Hace mucho no? <Not long ago?> Well another week has come and gone....and so did my companion. She left me last night and headed to Posadas to finish her mission and then head home to Peru. She was a big blessing in my life and I am glad to have known and learned from her!! So as for my new companion.......duh duh duh...........I am going to be training!!! Yikes!! I think I might wet my pants! I am not ready to be a mother!! But the time has come I guess. I have actually had a lot of peace about it and kind of knew it was coming. I have said many a prayer and know that the Lord is going to be there to help me along the way. 

Fun sign for Encarnacion
There are only 4 Gringas coming and 5 Latinas. I think I will be training a Latina which will be good so that I can continue to improve my Spanish!! We will see. I meet my hija <new companion> Wednesday night. But in the meantime, I get to enjoy a much needed English break with Hermana Jessica Fraze from California. She was with me in CDE in the other area and is a crack up. She also played basketball so we are best friends obviously. :) I am staying in the same area so I will get to celebrate my birthday with people I know. Well at least I hope we somewhat celebrate it....or maybe we won't. Guess we will see. 

This week was a bit different because we had divisions so that my companion could go to Iguazu to see the falls and then we were just visiting people and preparing for her to go home. I made cinnamon rolls and little notes and we went around and visited the mothers for Mother's Day which is the 15th of May here in Paraguay. 

Hermana Gonzales
Oh, but the best part of the whole week was Sunday!! We had two menos activos <less actives> come and two investigators that we had basically dropped because they weren't progressing. Bueno, the father, is an inactive member and the son is an investigator. Awesome!! We will be looking into visiting them more in the coming weeks. But with the Hermana Carmen it was like a celebrity had come to church everyone was rushing to greet her and talk with her. It was an awesome reception and hopefully helps her to keep coming and keep progressing. That was the highlight of the week. 

I just find that time passes the fastest when I am thinking about others and how to bring them closer to their Savior and I love this principle! Oh, so the scripture to read this week is Mosiah 21:14-15!! I love the principle that the Lord was slow to hear but that HE HEARD igual no mas <just the same>!! We can truly know that there is nothing we can do that will keep the Lord from hearing us!! 

Well, I am sorry there isn´t much detail but i will give you all the deets next week when I know more! Love you and keep praying and doing the little things! And know that you are loved and the Lord is listening!!!


Hermana Albach
Interesting mosiac
Nasty spiders that would have sent my
mom home months ago if she'd been here!

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