Tuesday, May 26, 2015

And it's...... a GRINGA!!!!

May 25, 2015

 K8 and Bernal
Hola errybody!! Can you believe it has been another week!?! I can't, this week was absolutely so different and overwhelming and crazy and awesome. So we crossed over to Argentina Wednesday in the afternoon and from there we all went to areas in Argentina to work for the night. So I had my first experience in my entire mission working in Argentina. It was fun. I met Hermana Cuero who is from Ecuador and is AWESOME!! We then headed in to Posadas Thursday morning to meet our cute newbie. But don't worry I had already ruled out one of the hermanas who had been sick that let slip where she would be heading. Anyways, we had a little training from President and then we all ate breakfast before the unveiling of our companions. We had actually been sitting by my future comp and I had no idea. I was casi positiva <almost positive> that my companera <companion> would be a Latina. Boy! was I surprised. My companion is actually from Hawaii and is really sweet. Her name is Hermana Bernal and she is real fun. 

Hermana LaPierre, Hermana Bernal, President LaPierre
We headed back over to Paraguay and found out that we had left our keys with another Hermana. Yikes. Resolved that fiasco and then went out to work. That is basically what this week was, WORK. But I can bear strong testimony that obedience brings such blessings and I saw two real special ones. We had two times in the same day that we just happened (not really) to run into people. 

The first one was in a store bathroom when my comp really couldn't wait. Met a lady that will hopefully be coming to an activity and we can talk more with her. The second time was at the end of a long day when we could have rationalized going home but we decided to go and contact in the park. We found a girl crying on the park bench and we were able to talk with her. Offer comfort and share a scripture and a prayer and get a phone number. It was such a testimony to me that the Lord is in the work and he will truly put people in places if we are trying to do his will. The scripture that I have had running through my head all this week since before my new companion is Mosiah 23:10, 21-22. I know that this transfer may be a test for me in a lot of different ways but as long as I am turning to my Savior and putting my trust in him it will all work out for the best. I love you all very much and I have just a couple of questions for you if you wouldn't mind answering and sending them to me. I would really appreciate it. 

1. How have you been blessed by attending church meetings on Sundays?
2. How have you been blessed by paying a faithful tithe and fast offering?
3. What blessings have you seen from living the word of wisdom?


Hermana Albach

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