Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hashtag: Feelin' 23

June 23, 2015
Hola mis queridos!!!
<Hello my beloveds>

Chipa! For birthdays
This week was craziness. Cecilia is still progressing and actually came to noche de rama <Family Home Evening>, Father's Day dinner, and went and did a service project with the youth on Saturday!! Greatest feeling in the world. Especially when she comes even when we don't go to get her and it is IN THE RAIN!! People, that means real dedication here! No one leaves in the rain. No one. We are excited.

We also have been really searching so that we can reach the new mission goal and standard of excellence of ten new investigators a week. This means we are now resorting to contacting in apartment buildings. To some of you this may seem weird that it is a last resort and more of a question as to why we weren't doing it before. Usually in other places living in an apartment means a little more poor and less well off which sometimes translates to humble and ready to hear and receive. Well, here if you have an apartment you are pretty well off and rich. But we have had some good contacts so we will see how that goes. 

Hermana Delgado
The cake...not sure what it was made of.
Oh yeah and I turned the big ol´ 23. I made some no bake cookies to celebrate the night before, I treated myself and didn't do Jillian Michaels and ate french toast instead. Hashtag fatty life. Hahaha. Then we had our weekly planning. Great stuff. Then an awesome birthday lunch with the familia Delgado. It was awesome. They even made me a cake that is on top of an upside down pan. The people here are incredible. I love them. 
Birthday surprise from
the Elders
Then our Elders that share our area bought me dinner, a cake, and made me a really cool scroll card. Overall, one of the most memorable birthdays by far and really awesome because we found cute
little Carmen to visit. 

Honestly, the greatest birthday gift is realizing that the mission has, is, and will continually be changing me into the person the Lord needs me to be. I am so grateful for this gift of serving a mission and seeing what this gospel and a knowledge of our Savior can do. One word. CHANGE! Experience it, seek it, and be grateful for it in your own lives. It is truly one of the most precious gifts we have is the ability to change. Animals can't really, we as humans through the power of the atonement are the only ones that can truly work to change our nature and make it every so slowly more aligned and like our Father in Heavens. It is incredible. So if you haven't started, start the journeynow. It is so very simple. Read. Pray. Go to church and strive to come to know your Savior.

Love you all so very much,

Hermana Albach

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