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July 6, 2015

Hola todos!!! Happy Fourth of July... belated!!! 

Well this week was great. We witnessed a lot of miracles. One of which has a name. His name is Julio. He walked in one night to the church where I was doing nursing stuff and after that awkward when we realized he wasn't a member because he said he wanted to be baptized. We talked with him a little more and found out that he had met with elders and then the hermanas <sisters> but he was a minor and his family didn't want him to join the church. Now he is 19 and is really excited and wants to join. He had some interesting reasons when we asked him why. Such as wanting something to do, social life, and other things that didn't really line up. Because of this, we taught lesson three and REALLY focused on baptism and the purpose and what it truly means and what has to come first such as faith and repentance. He is really smart and educated and has some very good and thought-probing questions from the reading he has done. Such as 'why did it take the Lord so long to give the restored church back to the earth' and some others that I don't remember. He says he has prayed about it and received an answer. He has a fecha <date> for the 25th of Julio (coincidence that his name is also Julio?? maybe). 

Cecilia is at the back table
on the far right
Cecilia is doing great and we are going to have a noche de hogar <Family Home Evening> with her tonight, in fact, and she will be getting her baptismal interview this Wednesday or Saturday for her baptism on the 18th of Julio. She is so prepared and really loves the church and is very involved with the members. Not just with us as missionaries. Really, she is the greatest. I just love her. Then we also did a lot of good contacting. We also had a fun little adventure being a foster family to a new hermana that came. Her "mom" couldn't cross into Posadas because her passport is still in Asuncion. So we got the call to cross and be her foster mom and
sister for the day; which also meant I had the opportunity to give the nursing and sick training to the missionaries at orientation. It was a lot of fun and we have some great new missionaries entering the field. 

As for Carla, she is doing so much better. She is now the 1st counselor in the Young Women organization and she has come the last three Sundays and the last two for all three hours by herself without Guillermo (novio) <fiance'>. She is looking really happy and is doing a lot better and is doing the daily little things to gain and strengthen her testimony. We are also trying to meet with her a bit more often then before because we realized she was a lot weaker and tender than we had thought previously. She is just such a strong person it is hard to remember sometimes that this gospel is foreign, new, and very demanding at times. But she is adjusting and finding her strength little by little.  

As for me, I did a good bit of soul searching this last weekend and have been praying a lot to have my weaknesses shown to me (scary idea) and, man, did I receive a loud and clear and surprising answer. Pride. Who knew? I just thought I was confident, but I was shown that there is a fine line and I truly need to be humbling myself before the Lord to receive and have His divine guidance and support. I know that the Lord can help us as we humble ourselves before him. One of my favorite scriptures about this is in Ether 12:27!! Just recently memorized it!! It is a great one! Remember that all weaknesses can be made into strengths as we come unto our Savior and allow him to make us what HE wants us to be! 

Well, I think that is about everything! I love you all and hope you have a great week and remember that the Lord is there and loves you as well. You are never alone when you remember who your best friend is. 

Funny story: We visited an hermana who always has a fish out on her counter in its bowl. My comp noticed that the fish was missing so I asked the hermana about it. She told me it was at the vet. I thought that was kind of weird until I saw her give the sign of slashing her finger across her neck to show it was actually dead. She is going to go "pick it up later" so that her son doesn't know that his fish died because it was so cold. Oh the funny parenting stories. Made us a giggle. 


Hermana Albach
Happy 4th America!!

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