Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Enfermera down!!!!!!!

June 29, 2015
<Nurse down!!!!>

Hola mis queridos!! I don't have a lot of time for reals this week. So good thing not much happened... Due to the fact that my body is usually known for it super human abilities to resist disease, sickness, and anything that leaves it less than incredible!  ;) But when it does succumb it dies hard. It all started Wednesday. I woke up with a scratchy throat and from there I just died from Thursday to Sunday. We were able to go out for just a little bit Friday and Saturday and I can testify that what I learned this week is that I am nothing in this work. It is truly the work of the Lord and He can do it with or without me. I just have the privilege to have a part. 

We were able to see Carla and Cecilia at church without going to get either of them. Cecilia is still on date for the 18th and is SO READY! She even told us she is putting aside time every day for "Mormon" (El Libro De Mormon). It is so awesome. Carla is getting stronger again and we are still on the continual search for more. Today were transfers and am I STAYING and finishing training Hermana Bernal!! Hooray! 6 months here and going strong! I love this area and know I have grown so much and will continue to grow and be stretched. The scripture for this week is in Alma 62:48-51. We must ALWAYS remember the Lord in our lives and his part. He is so important and as we remember him and turn to him we will continue to be blessed eternally and prosper! 

Love you,

Hermana Albach

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