Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Semana Tres - Halfway...say what?!?!?!?

Hermana Farrow and Myers
September 27, 2014

Here I am again. It seems like just seven days ago that I was writing you a similar email. Oh wait...I was. :) I crack myself up. Actually in all reality this last week has flown by, it seriously almost feels like yesterday was P-day and I was lucky and had two in a row. People are not lying when they say the days are LONG, super LONG even but the weeks fly by faster than you know it. This week was jam packed so hold onto your seats and get ready for a sweet fly by of all that happened. 

Second half of Saturday after I emailed y'all we headed on down to Brigham's Landing for some delicious Burger Supreme burgers and fries. Not the healthiest choice in town but when it hasn't been reheated and put on a plate, anything is great! (Ok. Ok.) The food is not that bad I guess. But a change of scenery and food was great. We were also able to stop by Great Harvest and get some cinnamon rolls to share with Hno. Cuadra because they are his favorite. (Watch for the cinnamon rolls to come into play later on.)  So that night we had class with Hno. Porter who I found out knows all of the guys soccer team that graduated the year I did. He is friends with them. Can you say weird? Trippy? Or crazy weird? Well it is all three. For example he is friends with Michael Lacerda, Jared Bodine, Matt Gowans, Brayden Mollner(he knows who Skylar is), etc. His name is Caleb Porter, feel free to facebook stalk my teacher if you would like. Also Hno. Cuadra's first name is Ariel if you would like to see the faces of the men that I spend most of my time here in the MTC learning from or teaching as they are our fake investigators. Well anyway, that night he had us play 20 questions where we picked anything church-related and the person had to come in and figure it out. After we had all gone he went. He asked the most specific, thought provoking questions that easily helped him to figure it out. It was a clear object lesson about how good questions promote the spirit and provoke answers that allow you to see into your investigators lives more clearly. Great lesson and day overall.

Sunday- Man alive! What a busy day! We had everything earlier this day due to the Ogden Temple rededication we were able to go up to main campus and watch. It was so awesome and so power packed. I loved Elder Bednar's and President Monson's talk. So great. Then I had meetings for the rest of the day. Literally no joke. It was insane. That night we had the devotional by Gordon Brown, a former MTC president. It was exactly what I needed to hear. So grateful for those tender mercies the Lord is always willing to shower us with. Then we went and were able to watch The Testaments in a huge room of missionaries. Funniest experience ever. There are approximately three kissing scenes in that movie. Want to know how I know that after seven days? Because all the missionaries FREAKED out whenever one happened. So funny. I just laughed and laughed. I also had a great one liner. It was the most action I was going to see for the next 18 months. :) It was weird to be able to watch a movie, but fun at the same time. 

Monday- We were with Hna. Story this day because the rest of the old districts flew out and she didn't fly out until Wednesday. She is the sweetest and I was so glad for the time I had to get to know her better. Fast forward to gym time. Most awkward and funny story yet here in my time at the MTC. So I am using the elliptical and this new chinese elder comes and starts using the machine next to me. He starts talking to me and then suddenly is saying that he and his companion have a bet. I asked what it was and he said that I was really pretty and then proceeded to ask if I had a boyfriend. Yikes. I was honest and said no but wish I would have said yes. Hahaha. I now understand that no flirting is not only to protect you from doing something inappropriate but to also help the sisters feel safe, not awkward, and weird about any interaction. The best part was he was trying to say it all in spanish and it was awful and he was basically yelling it. Great moment in my day...haha. Made me laugh for most of it. We were able to teach Benjamin, one of our two new investigators. It was so hard. We had to do a door approach and were not expecting it and because the other companionship of elders went first we had a bit of time to think fast and come up with something. We utilized the cinnamon rolls in our door approach and almost got him to let us in with just those. We finally got in but it didn't turn out so great. Dang it! Oh well, we teach him this Monday. 

We taught our other investigator Eric this day and it went really well. We both felt super good about it. M. Russell Ballard was the devotional speaker and he was phenomenal. I will email more about what he said next week. Just remind me to because it was powerful. "Grandpa's advice" he called it to future missionaries. We had our first TRC lesson with members. It was rough. We didn't know until 15 minutes before. Yikes. Don't let me forget to share our branch presidency insights as well. 

Wednesday- Official 2 Week Mark
We finally played bball as a district and the hermanas played as well. So much fun!!! We were able to be the hosts for the new missionaries here at west campus. We were able to meet all of our new districts and hermanas. They are super sweet!! 

This was the day of all days. I had to go to the travel office for issues because my mission is now requiring two FBI clearance checks so I rode up with the other elders going to my mission to BYU to get more fingerprints. We got to ride in a cop car though! It was awesome. He told me what all the buttons for the lights meant. The wig wag are the lights that go back and forth and then he showed us what the phaser sounded like and scared all the missionaries entering west campus. Hilarious!!! I will tell you the acne cream story next week! Remind me so funny! 

Rough day. Rough lesson but awesome outcome. We were able to write ourselves a letter to read when we get off our mission and it gave me a lot of perspective and was so awesome for me to read. Then I was able to be made aware that the fruit spoken of in 1 Nephi 8 & 11 is actually the atonement of Christ. Hno. Cuadra is amazing! Seriously awesome!! 

Saturday- Rain. Rain. Rain!

Well I am out of time and I feel bad that I didn't get as much in as I wanted to but write me and remind me for next week because the acne cream story is seriously funny! I love this gospel here and have been able to see my Spanish improving so much. It is all through the spirit. As we as a companionship have been more obedient we have been blessed more. One thing the 1st counselor in our branch presidency told us is that we have so many more rules as a missionary because through obedience the Lord is able to bless us. So why would he not give us as many rules as possible so we could have so many more opportunities to be obedient and receive that many more blessings. I love you all. The church is true. Our Savior is real and through him we can truly find joy and happiness. He is our all, and he is the reason I am serving a mission. Bring others unto him. Through your example, love, and faith. There is no greater feeling in the world. 
Read Ether 12. Powerful stuff. 

Remember Him!!

Hermana Albach 

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