Friday, January 9, 2015

La Bombas, Borrachos, and, oh yeah...the New Year!

January 5, 2015

Hola!! I have been sitting at the computer for a while trying to decide what to write. This week seems to have flown by but with nothing super memorable happening. We had a half p-day on Monday. Just long enough to write our families. Then we were able to go and do some service and paint a less active families house yellow. Yes. Yellow. It was a bit rough at first because the current color was blue but it turned out alright in the end. 

My companion was sick for about two days and so we just stayed close to the pension and I went all Nurse Albach on her. Poor thing! 

Then New Years Eve there were SO MANY BOMBAS!! It was so loud all night. Then on New Years we had our real p-day in which we just took it easy and ordered a pizza, tried and failed to visit people because they weren't home. Ran ladders and z-drill on the basketball court behind our church. (About died...I'm out of shape). Bought picole....amazing Brazilian otter pops. It was so good!! Then we cleaned like champs and called it a happy new year!! 

The rest of the week seemed to fly by. I made brownies from scratch as well as my frying pan cookies and we took them with us to share with our menos activos <less active> families. It was awesome. I love the people in my area so much. They are my family and even though I can't always communicate with them very well, I still love them. It is incredible to me. We had to be careful this week and not stay out as late because there were a lot of crazy borrachos <drunks> everywhere. The work is a bit slow in our area but we are seeing progress through the attendance again of our menos activos <less actives> and gaining friendships in the ward. 

I love Paraguay and my area. Currently, I am on divisions in Presidente Franco because Hermana
Presidente Franco Falls - "Monday Falls"
Dance has consejo <conferences> in Posadas with all the lideres <lideres>. It is way fun to be in a different area and we were able to go and see these incredible cataractas <waterfalls> today. Not Iguazu Falls but totally incredible. I am in such a beautiful and wonderful place with some warm and loving people. This mission is an incredible opportunity for me to forget myself and strive to be more like my Savior each day. I just know this church is true. I know our Savior is there and loves and understands each of us. I know that every person I have met on my mission is for a reason. I am growing and striving to come closer unto my Father in Heaven every single day. I am learning to like wearing skirts in this SUPER BLAZING hot weather. I got super sunburned the other day. Don't worry Mom, I am wearing sunscreen now. I just forgot that day. Sorry this email is all over the place but I forgot to take notes out of my journal so this is what I can remember from this week. 

Funny Nursing Call:  Funny story just to make you smile and remember that my job is sometimes a fun thing. I got a call from an hermana asking if she was allergic to water because she had a rash on her arms. She said she didn't get it when she showered but only when it rained. I think it was just from stress, but I emailed the doctor to assuage her fears anyway. When I called her back and let her know that the doctor knew for a fact she wasn't allergic to water she cheered for joy. Made me smile. What a sweetheart!! So if you are ever wondering if you could be allergic to water, it is actually not possible.* Good times!!! 

Love you all. Happy New Year! Come unto Christ!

Hermana Albach

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