Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mamani, Milagros, y Moving

April 13, 2015

Hermana Mamani from Peru
Hey yáll. I don't have much time but this week was hard and great and crazy and slow and fast and really everything all in one. I am now with my new companion, Hermana Mamani and she is awesome!! She is from Peru and is the sweetest thing around. She is super funny and is always cracking jokes that take me a minute to know she is joking. Her smile is so great and I am so excited to be her last companion!! 

The beginning of the week I was still with Hermana Moreno and it was a bit loco because we had to find, pay rent, and clean and furnish an apartment for the elders that were coming into our area on Wednesday. Needless to say, we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off but we got it all done, thanks to a lot of help from our zone. They are gems!!! 

This week it was made painfully clear that our area is really hard especially as the elders took a good chunk of the area that houses our menos activos <less actives> and members. But the Lord is a God of miracles and I have felt and seen so many this week as I have fasted and been on my knees a lot. Our first day, I had so many times when certain people would pop into my head and then we went and they were there and we were able to visit them when usually they are never there. I know it wasn't random. I know it was the spirit. I also was able to find some antiguo investigadores <old investigators> in our carpeta de area <area folder> and also recent converts that are now inactive. I called them and they answered and we are actually going to be meeting with them. It is incredible. I know that this is the Lord work and that He will make a way for us to realize our metas <goals> and find those that need His love and gospel otra vez en sus vidas <again in their lives>. I really love this work. It stretches and tries us in many ways but it is so true and the joy that comes from it is lasting.

This Sunday in church as others were bearing testimony, I was reflecting on my own testimony and I was so touched to know and feel and have no doubt that this gospel and the power of the atonement and gospel in my life has truly changed it. Before the mission I was not perfect and I am still not but being on a mission has helped me to see the potential I truly have, who I truly am, and how much each and EVERY one of the children of our Heavenly Father are loved. I truly feel that love every single day for the people here in Paraguay. I have also come to know how much our relationship with our Savior is important. We need to come to know him. We need to recognize His hand in our life. And we need to know that the Book of Mormon truly testifies of our Savior on every single page. I love you all and hope you have a great week! Remember the Lord loves you, He knows you, He has a plan for you, you just have to ask with the intent and courage to follow the answer He will give you!! 

"So how can you see what your life is worth or where your value lies? You can never see through your eyes on earth. You must look at your life. Look at your life through heavens eyes."

Hermana Albach
I love the UVU blanket!

**I am hoping my translations of Kaitlyn's letters are correct. If anyone out there finds an error, please let me know. :) Mama Albach

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