Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Templos, Colectivos and Milagros

Hola familia,

Asuncion Paraguay Temple
As per usual I don't have very much time. But this week was awesome! I had the opportunity to go to Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, to do paperwork for my passport. While we were there we got to visit the temple and then to the distribution center. I was almost more excited about this then the temple...almost. But not. It is so beautiful and so small! (Sadly, we didn't have enough time to do any temple work.)

During this trip I had two really cool moments in which I was able to see His hand in my life. The first one was that I had a feeling before we left our pension to bring my copy of my passport. I didn't know why I would need it but I did it anyway. When we were buying the tickets to come back, the elders asked me if I had mine. I was able to proudly say 'yes' and later realized that it was a helpful counsel and prompting. Not everyone had brought theirs and I was grateful to say that I was prepared por medio de <because of> listening to the promptings of the Spirit. It wasn't anything life threatening and the elders ended up not using it and getting a less chucci <swanky> bus, but I was ready. The promptings of the spirit aren't always life and death. Many times they are there to make our lives easier and keep us prepared! 

Hrms Moreno, Albach and Murphy
The other experience was when I was on the colectivo <bus>. There weren't enough seats for everyone and the elders got kicked out of their seats and had to stand. Needless to say, we switched them about two hours in because my knees were really hurting from sitting at that angle. But shortly after standing I realized we still had about 3 or 4 hours to go and I wasn't sure I could stand that long without falling asleep. It was the middle of the night. I said a simple prayer asking for the strength to do so or an opening. Literally, five minutes later a man sitting next to my temporary companion got up and let me sit on a random part of the bus he had been using. He was going to the same place but he was kind enough to give me his seat. To some this may seem common for men to do this...but in Paraguay....it is NOT!! It is really crazy when a man acts like a gentleman. I sat down and immediately gave thanks for such a timely answer to my prayer. Just about thirty minutes later we were able to sit in the comfy seats because a lot of people got off. The Lord is in our lives and he answers the simple things. 

Another shot
The other experience I had was with fasting. Our mission has made the goal recently to have at least one baptism from every companionship every traslado <transfer>. We fasted last week for it but I wanted to fast again this week to really know who we were going to be able to help realize this. So I was fasting and we had district conference and so we showed up that night and it was awesome, but then right after we got rushed by Hermana Lapierre (President's wife) and some elders talking about a man that had showed up to the church and stayed for the whole two hours and was really interested. We talked to him and he was really happy to know more. We are going to try to visit him. WOW! Answers. 

We were also able to place a date with an hermana named Gladys. She is a sweetheart and when we talked about the preguntas de alma with her she really was struck with the fact that we take the name of Jesus Christ in this church and how it really is his church because it has his name. I had so many moments in which I was made so aware that this is the Lords work but that he loves me and wants the best for me in the work! It is so great! I love my area. My companion is HILARIOUS and we have a great time together! We even made some Texas sheet cake for our noche de rama <family home evening>. Pretty chucci <fancy> right hurr... :) Remember who you all are and remember that the Lord does and will answer prayers!!! 

Hermana Albach

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