Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gatitos, Divisiones, La Restauracion

February 2, 2015

Hola familia y amigos!!!! 

This week was a little exciting. Hermana Dance se fue a Asuncion por tramites <she went to Asuncion for procedures>. Entonces <Then>.... I was in a trio with two other hermanas. Hermana Sleight and Hermana Torres. Hermana Torres is from Guatemala and is sassy and fun. Hermana Sleight is a sweetheart and loves
Hermana Dance, Ana Paradera, Hermana K8
me because she calls me all the time for nursing things....like being allergic to water and the like. :) So we had a pretty great morning. We were able to teach two great lessons on the Plan de Salvacion but as we were heading back to our lunch appointment we passed a park where we heard meowing. I usually just ignore this and feel bad that they are probably going to die. But my companions hurried on over to help the poor, helpless, disease-ridden creatures. There were six of these gatitos <kittens>. EWW! For anyone that knows me, I just don't really like cats. They are fine and all but I just am a dog person. Anyways... Suffice it to say that we had the cats the entire rest of the day and spent a good part of our time trying to find them a home. It was more than a little bit ridiculous. My biggest complaint is that when the hermana went to give them some of my leche <milk> she didn't just give them a tiny bit to see if they would like it. She gave them almost my ENTIRE box. Sad day. Fun fact: It is harder to find six cute kittens homes then it is to have a charla <chat> or share the gospel with others. Who knew??? 
El gatitos drinking MY milk

Another funny story: I tried to make gluten free cookies for Hermana Dance this week with corn flour but I actually bought cornstarch....(labels in Spanish) and the cookies were the weirdest things of our lives! They still tasted ok but were tan raro entonces <very rare>.....they were all Hermana Dance's. :)

So this week, we focused on sharing more about the restoration and helping our investigators to go back to the basics and really gain a testimony of our unique and powerful message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ in these last days. We decided to use some media tools and showed a lot of our investigators (that had a DVD player) the movie the "Restoration". Man! Watch it. I never ceased to be amazed at the power of this message and the way the spirit manifests the truthfulness of it to me more and more fuerte cada vez <loudly>

Also this week, I have been doing the read the Book of Mormon in a month challenge by reading 18 pages a day. It is great and so much easier to accomplish on the mission because you have an hour just set apart to do that. So great. I have been learning so much. Some cool tidbits from today were in Alma 37:11.  Even the prophet of God had mysteries of the gospel that he had to be patient and have revealed with time. It is ok that we don't understand everything right now as long as we are trying to have a testimony of the things we do understand. We must solidify our testimony of the gospel of Christ before we can ever hope to gain more knowledge. Also I love Alma 33....read it in family home evening or for yourself if you ever doubt that the Lord hears your prayers. No matter where you are, outside, in your car, at school, in bed, etc. The Lord does hear your prayers and will answer them. I know this to be true. I know that prayer is the way a person can come closer and know there heavenly father better. Prayer is the message of the restoration. Because a young boy prayed, we now can know that personal revelation is real and powerful and should be an active part of our lives!! 

Love you all! I will have more stories and updates on our investigators next week. 

Remember who you are and more importantly WHOSE you are!!!

Chao! Chao!!!

Hermana Albach

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