Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Last Week in CDE

February 23, 2015

Hey all, 

Going to miss this woman!!!
So I just found out the results of cambios <transfers>. I am going to Encarnacion (in Paraguay just across the river from Posadas, Argentina) and will be with Hermana Moreno from Ecuador. I am so excited. It is crazy how fast the time flies. I am going to miss the people and my companion here but I know I will learn so much more in my new area. I have absolutely no time so here is the quick update!! Last Monday it took all day melting my freezer. How awesome! Crazy Paraguayan stuff!! We had a NDH con Perla y Gabriel and played Don't Eat Pete. It was a hit like always. They really liked it. We shared a thought and
The hermanas in our ward
ate bread and chocolate milk. We had a funeral for the missionaries that are dying <going home> and I made an awesome cake. We even had the grim reaper. Perla and the gang came to noche de barrio <neighborhood night>. It was AWESOME!!! But then they left because the activity wasn't great. We are going to see them today so we will see what happens. 

We were able to meet with Gladys and Noelia this week and it was so great. They are so sweet and I am so sad that I won't be here to see them progress further but I know that Hermana Dance will do an incredible job and help them progress and get closer to the steps of baptism. They are so prime.

Really I just love this gospel. I have been reading in D&C lately and secciones <sections> 15, 23, and 29 have been some of my favorites. 15 talks about la obra misional <missionary work> and is just a great pump up chapter for me. 23 is all about being able to pray to know our standing before God. It is so awesome. I love that. And 29 talks about how the commandments are not temporal laws but spiritual laws. They were founded before the world was and we followed them before. We are just learning to re-follow them again. Well that is all the time I have. I will update you more on my new area next week!!  Remember who you are and more importantly whose you are!! 
Carmen Alvarez, her daughter
and granddaughter
(She always gives us lunch)
Lauri Vera and little Ale

Love you,

Hermana Albach
And, lastly, a little taste of home :)


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