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Encarnacio-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-hon Encarnacion *Diduliduliluli!* Encarnacio-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-hon

March 2, 2015

Encarnacion countryside
More cows!!!
Well as the title states and as you probably all already know, I am now in Encarnacion Paraguay. It is right across the river from Posadas. It is like all an island of its own pretty much and I LOVE it! My area is right in the main part of Encarnacion called Centro. So a LOT of my area is city but unlike CDE where it was super loud and stressful all the time. It is super tranquilo <quiet> here and great. We also have some parts of our area that are campo <field> and they are beautiful tambien <also>. I have been told the beach is also in our area and that our next P-day we may just have to pay a visit!! 

Hermana Moreno from Ecuador
My companion is from Ecuador and she is going to be a chef when she gets back. Uh-oh! :) I have noticed a dramatic increase in my understanding and speaking just from the week we have been together. It is pretty amazing and an incredible gift from my Father in Heaven. She had her birthday this Saturday which I made apple crisp for her. She really liked the flavor.

I am now in a Rama <branch> of 30 or so members. We had 27 at church on Sunday. I am officially the piano player because no one else can. The lucky thing is they think I am incredible because they don't know how to play and they don't really know the difference. Blessing. Because...I am not very good at it, but hey I am sure going to learn!!!

Well onto the important stuff: Our work. We have Carla who will be getting baptized si o si <maybe> this month. We are just working on helping her to stop smoking. I don't know her that well yet but in our lessons I have been able to share and bear testimony and feel so guided as to what to say. I have felt the spirit so strong and know that she is such a special spirit of our Father in Heaven just as we all are. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to aid in teaching her and preparing for her baptism. I may not have found her but I know that I am here at this point in her process for a reason. The Lord is so great in putting people where they need to be when they need to be there. We also are working with a lot of menos activos <less active members> and trying to really strengthen the Branch. It needs a lot of healing and love. We are going to kill them with love and service for sure.

My pic from Mariela
We taught the primary of 7 ninos <children> and then they had an Hermana called to be the president. So that was the first and last time for me. Phew......little kid Spanish is so much harder to understand. But a cute little girl named Mariela drew me a picture and gave it to me. It was great.

One fact. Being with a native is tiring. I have been the most tired I have been my entire mission and so I asked another hermana if that was normal. They assured me that I am definitely normal it is just a part of being in Spanish ALL the time. It just wears my little english brain out. But I am starting to think in Spanish and that is great!! Really I have been so blessed with my companion, my area, and my zone. I know I am going to grow and learn so much in these next 6 weeks. 

Ale - cutest little thing!
Familia Vera. I am going to miss them so MUCH!
I definitely may have cried saying good-bye
 and bearing my testimony to them
Before I forget, here are some fun facts. Ate liver for the first time this week the day I left CDE. Hermana Dance couldn't finish hers because she found a fly swimming in it. EWW... she just shoveled her left over food onto my plate to make it look like less. Hashtag: Number one companion right here!!!

Ana and her mom (where we ate liver)
Ana will be a great missionary!

Well, I love you all so much and am so grateful for your support!!! Interesting thing I learned this week as I studied humility and diligence more. Humility is truly being willing to give our will to Lord and diligence is loving the Lord enough to do all that he asks to the best of our abilities. He doesn´t require more. Just that, and really all we need to do both is to truly develop and have love for our Savior and our Heavenly Father and the other things with work and focus begin to naturally fall into place!! Love you all and will send all my awesome photos next week!!

Chau. Chau.

Hermana Albach

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