Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Monito en mis manos!!!!

<Monkey in my hands!!!>
March 9, 2015

Baby monkeys are so cute!!
Hola familia y amigos!!! Well another week has come and gone and I have officially been on the mission for 6 months!! Can you believe that? I sure can't. Time is so weird. Anyways, onto our awesome week. There were so many great moments this week and special spiritual experiences with investigators, menos activos, active members. Really everybody. I LOVE my area! 

Jazmin: She is an investigator. Her boyfriend is a member but is VERY inactive, they are living together with her son. She wants her boyfriend to return to church. Before I arrived she wasn't super interested for herself, but very kind and welcoming. We have met with them three times now since I arrived and boy have changes been happening. The second time we met with her was incredible. She started off by saying she had read everything and understood it and loved it. All from the LDM. We taught her about the Plan de Salvacion and afterward bore testimony. When it was my turn to bear testimony I just felt the spirit so strong and said a lot of things that I hadn't even thought to say but rang true as I said them. One of which was that she was a daughter of God and that truly her Father in Heaven was so proud of her and wanted her to follow his son. When we left Hermana Moreno told me that it definitely wasn't me talking in that moment. It was the spirit. (She would know, she has to suffer as I try to speak Spanish to her.) Jazmin said she would come to church. She ended up not being able to but her boyfriend and son came!! Hurray for small victories. We are going to visit her today, and have a noche de hogar (FHE) with them this Jueves! She is incredible. 

Our view from Paraguay across the river
to Posadas, Argentina
Hermana Goray: She is a member that works in Posadas caring for a lady and so is unable to come on Sundays to church. She lives really far from us and from the church. We were teaching her and I again had thoughts and ideas that I said and you could see the change in the atmosphere and in her face. It wasn't me. It was the spirit. My companion had it too and we were able to make a plan to have her read every day and then we are going to fast with her and her whole family. She is a sweetheart with a lot of things on her plate right now. I am always so humbled that I have the privilege to love others and to truly try and be the mouthpiece to help them feel peace.

Carla: Man is she the greatest!! I came into this transfer with the knowledge that she would be getting baptized. At first I felt like, well she doesn't really count because I didn't find her. So false. We have had so many great lessons with her and I know that I was needed to be here to help in the process. We had a great lesson where we committed her to completely rid herself of all the cigarettes in her pension. She had a lot. She did it!! She hasn't smoked since this lesson and will be getting baptized this Saturday!! She is so ready and so incredibly prepared for this! She is having many trials but she is turning to her Savior to overcome them. It is incredible to see!!! 
With Hermana Moreno

Highlights: I HELD A BABY MONKEY IN MY HANDS!!! It sucked on my finger just like a baby. Coolest thing ever!! 
I got SO sunburnt! Whoops!! But now I am just tann-ish/reddish. 

Thoughts: Appreciate the temple. I am so humbled as people ask me how close the temples are to me and how often I went. I realized how truly blessed we are to have temples so very close and so very accessible. Look around you. Appreciate the incredible blessings we have been given and GO to the temple. You are giving someone the chance to access the eternities as you do so!!

Love you all, 

Hermana Albach

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