Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's Beginning to feel a lot like...Utah!

March 30, 2015

Hola familia y amigos!!! 

So another week has flown by and I am frantically trying to organize my thoughts to write you. Haha. You would think I would have it down by now...but no. Every week is an adventure. This week was crazy with the weather and some nutziness that happened. So this week I am going to talk about the people. 

Let the rains begin...
Carolina: This was really sad. She passed her entrevista <interview> Monday night after I emailed you all. We were getting ready, planning everything, I had a super cute list of all the to-do's when we got a phone call. She was in the hospital. We found out the next day when we visited her that she had lost the baby. She was really torn up about it and really sad and alone. We were able to share with her about the atonement and it was really cool to see the opportunity I had to use both my nursing and missionary skills in this moment. I was able to reassure her that it was not her fault. I felt the spirit so strongly in this moment. We have visted her since and she still wants to be baptized and still knows it is true. Just needs time. We are going to continue visiting and praying for her. 

Loordah- She is a gem that we found. She has been through so much in her life but she is so open to us. We challenged her to baptism and she had one question for us. Why? if she had already been baptized in the Catholic church. I was able to answer but not as well as I would have liked. The next day in my personal study I had the impression to study out of a mission book we have with all the rules. So I did, and to my surprise found a list of scriptrues and questions that perfectly helped me in finding a better answer for her. The Lord is so great! 

We also found Theresa and Veronica during contacting and they have great potential. We will be returning this week to see if it goes anywhere. Sad news -- we are going to drop Jazmin. She has been canceling appointments and not been available and is not progressing. it is super sad because she has so much potential and really she knows it is true. 

So some awesome experiences I had this week. I have been praying every day before we leave to be able to do all that the Lord would have me do that day and that I can have an opportunity to serve someone around me. So we were visiting Carolina watching the Restoration when an Hermana Gimenez that leaves next door was shuffling by to get to the community bathroom. She has a lot of health problems. I saw her and almost didn't leave to help her. But then I did and it was amazing because she really needed the help and probably would have fallen. Poor thing. I know that the Lord puts us in places and if we are looking and searching and willing to have courage, he will give us opportunities to be his hands. Which is an incredible experience!!! 

Funny stuff. I had to wear my rain boots all the days because of so much mud. It is like its own form of exercise because the boots are a lot heavier. I also had a vacation in Posadas. Bueno. That is what I am calling it. I went over with Hermana Dance and we had the most delicious empanadas for lunch. Had some Mike and Ikes from Hermana Dance's package and a Reese's heart. Delicious and just got to talk with president and work on a small nursing project. Thus, it has now been named my vacation. We came back that night and got back into real life. Easier than real life vacations, I think. 

As for the food. I owe a lot of people brownies. Brownies are like gold here. Everyone wants them, so I am going to be making them a bunch. Found a churro filled with dulce de leche. Incredible. Don't worry folks, despite all this I am actually losing weight! hahaha. 

If you haven't yet seen I urge you all to go and watch Because He Lives!! It is the video of the season! Share it with all your friends, and help others to truly see and understand more fully what the Atonement of Jesus Christ enables us to do and to have!! 

Hope you all have a great week! Love you!!

Hermana Albach

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