Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Se bautizo!!!!!!!

March 16, 2015

Valle la pena!!!
w/ Carla and Hermana Moreno
Well the biggest news of the week is that Carla made the most important decision of her life! She entered the waters of baptism and now is on the path to return to her Father in Heaven. It was great. Only a couple of small crazy things that happened. The best part is that so many people came, including one of our investigators, Jazmin. She was able to meet and talk with one of the members that has only been a member for a couple of years. She was really touched by her conversion story and then tambian <moreover> by the testimonies after the baptism. Overall it was a great day! The joy on her face was incredible, she was glowing. Man, the best part was even though I was not the missionary that found and taught her, I had the opportunity to be a part of it and really see the joy that comes from making this decision. She told our investigator "valle la pena!" (It is all worth it!). Truest words spoken. This woman had so many challenges thrown in her path leading up to her baptism but when it came down to it, she went forward with faith and was blessed. This is an eternal principle. As we walk forward through challenges, darkness, and doubts following our Savior in faith, we will be blessed. We will find the way! He will not leave us alone!  
The tears say it all.

We are currently refocusing from preparing Carla to finding new people to teach which means a LOT of contacting. We have a lot of goals for this week! I am excited to get out, get to work, and feel the love the Savior and my Heavenly Father for these incredible people in my area! 
Hrma Moreno, Carla

I am especially excited to keep working with Hermana Jazmin. She is a gem and she has so much potential. We will see what happens! Sorry this email is so short. Most of our week was spent preparing Carla and planning a huge activity for the area to help them get excited to read the Libro de Mormon. 

Crazy thing: It takes 5 hours for the baptismal font to fill here and luckily we had to come last night to do nursing stuff and we checked and it had been turned on and was filling. Almost overflowed and would have made the church a pool. The Lord is so aware and good to us. 

Remember when you feel like you are drowning, 
your lifeguard walks on water!!

D&C 121-122 for any who are struggling and feeling alone and unloved.

Hermana Albach
With our sweet friend :)

Love this girl! 

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