Monday, February 8, 2016

Don't Give Up...You. Are. Loved.

February 1, 2016

Hey all,

So this week was full of good-byes and hellos. It was definitely bittersweet to leave Rama 2 (Encarnacion) and so very many people that I love and hope for the best. You just end up giving your heart to these people and areas. It is amazing that I still have any left to give. But I do! Had a great finish to my time with Hermana Castillo. I learned so much from her and she made me a card with a dead grasshopper covered in glitter. That is unique and memorable!! ;) 

Thursday came way too fast and I was headed with my new comp H. Velàsquez to Obligado which is about an hour away from Encarnaciòn on bus. What the what? I left Encarnaciòn.....if I had stayed until the 25th of February I would have been in Encarnaciòn for an entire year!! Crazy! But hey. My new area is HUGE and gorgeous. It is a German community but they speak Spanish too. So it is really pretty and the people are blonde and white. Freaks me out. Not used to seeing so many blondes or people with colored eyes. 
We did some nursing stuff with H. Velasquez because she just so happens to be the same girl that was hit by the motorcycle. I have been able to do some infected wound care and that has been fun....maybe just for me and not so much for her. Hahaha. We visited a recent convert and then he came to church.....two weeks in a row now. Super great! Church was great. Way different. Still leading the music. Fun stuff. And rocking the primary participation where they give us snacks. All about that life. It truly is like a green version of Montana to me. Lots of farming and fields and open skies. I LOVE IT! I am excited for the weeks to come and to see the progress and work we can get done here in this new area. A scripture I found this week that was awesome for me was Acts 20:19. So true and just what the mission is all about. LOVE IT!!! 

Well I hope this email finds you all well and happy and that you remember how important you are all. Don't give up. In the words of Josh Groban "remember that you are loved!!!!" Sorry my comp is really trying to learn english so I write down lyrics for her in english and the last one/first one was this song. But it is SO TRUE!!!


Hermana Albach

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