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January 25, 2016

Hola todos!!!
Just a few of the faces I'm going to miss most
Espero que tuvieran una semana productiva y buena!! <I hope you have had a productive and good week> So this week was spent almost none of it in our area. We were doing things for the health of my companion, for the hermana that was hit by a motorcycle, and interviews, and a worldwide missionary training for all 75 million missionaries. It was awesome. 

Something that I learned from the training that Elder Bednar gave about the Spirit was priceless. It wasn't anything that he said. It was something that I felt and learned. It was about how we are truly the instruments in the hands of the Lord. So I was thinking of a violin. The Spirit is the music that we hear when we have tuned, practiced, and prepared sufficiently that the Lord can play a part. We truly have to do our part and then we are promised the Lord will do his. He will use our instrument and he will be able to make beautiful music that is truly the spirt playing through us. I also know that the Lord prepares us to face all challenges. I have learned SO MUCH about charity and loving even and especially when we don't want to. I know that as we turn to our Savior he will truly make all our challenges light and possible to overcome. 
Hermanas Merchan and Velasquez
She's sporting sunglasses to protect her eye.

I love this work and I am so excited to be headed to Obligado to work with Hermana Velàsquez and have some new exciting challenges!! You are all such great examples to me and I hope that all is going well! Remember that we are truly strongest, tallest, and supported when we are on our knees. Get working on getting that knee callus!! Hashtags: #realthinginthemission #reppinthekneecallus


Hermana Albach 

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