Wednesday, January 20, 2016

That time someone go hit by a motorcycle...SuperNURSE

January 11, 2016

Hey all,
So this isn't just a fun title. It is actually something that happened this week. One of our missionaries was hit by a motorcycle. I was able to visit her and assess the healthcare being given and then we were able to do divisions with her and her companion in their area after she had been released from the clinica. She was incredibly blessed. She didn't break even one bone. The Lord truly protects his missionaries. It was crazy. I was able to do some serious nursing this week and by serious nursing I mean I changed bandages and watched other nurses give injections. ;) 
But my testimony was strengthened so MUCH!!! We were able to only be in our area for half the week but my comp reminded me of my calling as a nurse and that it is my primary assignment and as I give my all to it the Lord will bless me with opportunities when I am available. It was incredible. The days we were able to leave and make visits we were introduced to 4 new investigadores by a member that have such potential to progress. We are still working with Richard and Carin and trying to help them progress but they haven't come back to church yet and we are unsure. 
We are changing a lot of the goals we have as a mission and going to be talking a lot more to those we pass in the street and focusing on not letting a single opportunity pass us by to talk with everyone!! I am SUPER EXCITED to get out there and get talking. I know the Lord will fill our mouths with what we have to say. I was able to share with two ladies in our time in the other area and on the buses. It was a great experience. I also came closer to my Savior this week. I know that when all is hard and wrong and that when we feel all alone he is there and he gives us the strength to carry on. he will help us have the love for others. he will give us the power to forgive others. he is truly the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE!! With him...we can do all things. I love my savior and I love the chance I have to testify of him and of the joy that can be found through this gospel each and every day!!! Have a great week and remember him....come closer unto hiM!!!


Hermana Albach 

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