Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Prospero Ano Nuevo

January 1, 2016
<Happy New Year!>

Hola todos!!!

I LOVE this girl and will miss her immensely!
I hope you are having a wonderful first day of year 2016. We are spending it having p day instead of on Monday. Don't have much time but being able to see my family for Christmas was a special treat but also to be able to spend so much time with those that I love here in Paraguay for both of the holidays and feel so wanted and needed was incredible! I know this church is true. It is so interesting to me when we contact people and ask if they have ever asked if their church is true and they respond with "no but it is tradition of the family." I am so grateful every time I can reflect to myself and be grateful that I have asked, and I have received an answer and I know that this church is true. I do not attend just because all my family does, I go because I know it is the only way to come closer to my Savior and renew the covenants I made with Him at baptism. What a great promise. 

K8, Elder Hodson, H. Castillo, Elder Gosch
New Year's Eve Dinner with Familia Sanchez
So we had transfers this Monday and surprise, surprise I am STAYING in Rama 2 and I am now with Hermana Castillo de Lima, Peru. She is chiquitita <small, petite> but super spunky and sassy and is so strong! I am very privileged to be her companion and learn from her and her experiences. She has been a member for 6 years and she is the only member of 11 people in her family. What faith...and whenever we talk about struggles our investigators have she always says, "they can do it, they just need more faith." 

So I challenge you all to evaluate your faith and read Ether 12 and Hebrews 11 and strive to be as the people written about!!


hermana albach
Not sure I want to let her go

Elders Hutchison, Cabrera, Gosch

Cheeeese! Happy Day, Alejandro

Gosh! Elder Gosch trying out my sun hat.

Elder Cabrera

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