Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mujerdocio -- Not really but almost

January 18, 2016

Hola todos!!!

H. Castillo and K80
Como estan?? Well this week was super great!!! Loved it! We had a great zone meeting on Monday where we set up some other key indicators to help us talk with everyone and have people progressing towards baptism! Then we went to get ice cream and there just so happened to be a sale of 3 liters of ice cream for the same as one. So H. Bowen and I took them up on that and needless to say all the elders were REAL surprised. We had ice cream for the rest of the week. hahaha. Not good. but nice in this ridiculous calor <heat> that we have right now. Then our comps headed to Asuncion for tramites and Hermana Bowen and I were together for a day. it was SO MUCH FUN!
We got to teach together once again and it was just awesome to fit right back together without much problem.
We had a great day! Then we had a bunch of nursing things for my comp this week but even with that we tried to actively talk to people on the bus, on the way and just everywhere. I will admit sometimes I chickened out..yeah even still it is sometimes hard for me. But we are just loving life and the area. We are getting prepared for the capilla abierta <open house> that we will be having this upcoming Friday! 
<This sister was hit by a motorcycle driving too fast down a sidewalk. Her eyelid was sliced open along with her leg. She is doing much better now and on the mend.>

Carne asada!
And now for the reason behind the title. We were officially the only two women at the elders quorum home teaching activity. There was no one and I had been at the church doing nursing. THey invited us to eat the asado they had prepared. so we accepted but little by little more and more sacerdocio <priesthood> arrived. It was pretty awkward  but the branch presidente said I only have to come to two more activities to be actively assigned as a member of the quorum. MUJERDOCIO! <women in the priesthood> I laughed pretty hard. Good times.

Also was able to give a talk this week and I realized something really great. Our conversion to the gospel is best measured by our desire to share it with those around us. Are we taking an active part in the obra misional <missionary work> in our specific parts of the world or are we laying back thinking "oh the missionaries will do it". We are all a part of this precious work and when we truly have participated in the atonement of Jesus Christ, we naturally want to share and bring others unto this joy!

Love you all,

Hermana Albach
Oh, how I love this girl!

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