Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Feliz 2016!!

January 4, 2016

Hey everybody. It has officially been three days and it is already p day again. So not much new stuff has happened. I am super grateful for my companion who has designated herself as the official nursing secretary and she even takes phone calls sometimes. It has been a great relief because we have some pretty sick missionaries that have taken a lot of my time lately. But as she reminded me today, I am doing things that are really changing and helping those around me. It was a good reminder that even though I may not be helping those in my specific area, I am helping the Lords children and even more importantly the Lord missionaries so that they, in turn, can help even more of His children. 

I love this work and we are excited to get working and helping others to come unto their Savior Jesus Christ. I am currently reading in the New Testament and I came upon a verse in chapter 24:24, i think. It talks about even the very elect being led away by the false christs that will come and do miracles. As I was thinking about how much I don't want to be led away, the thought came to me, or probably inspiration: I won't be led away if I KNOW and have FELT the true love of my Savior. We must come to KNOW him so that we are NEVER led astray. How do we come to know Him? We do all the things he asks us, we pray and talk with the father, and we read the words that he taught. I have felt much closer to my Savior as I have read the new testament and thought more about who was and is Jesus Christ and what was he like? How did this happen? I know that as we strive to come to know our savior we can have the experiences and confirmations that the apostles or authorities have. We have to determine what we want and then ask in faith believing and it will be given unto us. Incredible promise. Try it out!!

Love you all,
Hermana Albach

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