Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween!!

November 2, 2015
Happy Day!

Hola. Feliz dia de Halloween!! I am sure you all had fun celebrating in one way or another. I decided that day I would dress up like an hermana missionary and have a baptism. We were able to see Liz enter the waters of baptism Saturday afternoon and it was awesome. This baptism had more problems then any I have been a part of before, to the point where she had to be baptized twice. 

Not because she didn't go all
the way under the disgusting green water, but because the hermano said the prayer wrong. {see below for the clean-up process} Poor thing. She got in to the bathroom to change before we figured it out. She was a champ to go back in and go under again. It smelled something fierce, but hey, at least she is now "clean" spiritually. :)  
She was radiating when she smiled as she came out and all the stresses of earlier from dirty water, breaking the baptism doors open, to this and that were wiped away in her happiness. I truly love seeing the miracles of the Lord. He is a miracle worker. The greatest part is that we fasted for the ability as a zone to complete our goal for 9 bautismos for this traslado. We had 5 throughout our whole zone on the 31st. They don't count for October but we got 8/9 of our goal. It was awesome. Fasting works. Makes change
happen, and gives us the ability to go forward with greater faith. Other than that we spent a lot of the week trying to find others to teach and help progress and helping Liz to be ready.

Another miracle was when her brother who has not wanted to meet with us at all came for a "tour" after her baptism and only wanted to see the baptismal font which I was a bit reluctant to show him because...well.. the water was disgusting and we tell
them that they will leave clean....;) but when he saw the font he got this look and just kept staring and then told us he wants to be baptized and feel clean again and asked us what he needed to do to have this happen. Say what? That never happens. So we explained to him about gaining a testimony, asistencia a la iglesia, and taking the lecciones. He should hopefully be at our noche de hogar tonight and we will see how it goes. It was crazy the desire that we saw in his eyes. Funny story from before. One of the hermanas came up to us as we were distributing the cake and told us that hte brother of Liz wanted to be baptized. Without thinking I said with a very confused look on my face, ¨"why?" Hermana bowen being very witty and sharp shot right back....."because its the truth". Made us all laugh!! Great point. Why not should have been my question...haha. Well I hope you are all doing great. For those of you who don´t know I will be staying here in Rama 2 and I have never been happier. I love this place and thses people. But unfortunately my invigorating journey
with h. bowen has come to an end for now until we reunite in about a year or so. :) She will be heading to help and bless the lives of the people in San Vincente Argentina. I will be joined in this epic battle between good and evil by the Hermana Lopez de Honduras. She seems to be really sweet and I am excited to see what we can get done! Love you all and your support. Have a great week and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. And remember EVERY MEMBER a missionary!! 

Hermana Albach
p.s. apparently i walk funnily because everyone was talking about how they love how I walk with purpose and power....weird. but I knew it was true when everyone chipped in there support.....good times. 

Grandma Lybbert's Texas Sheet Cake! Num
**Preparing the font:
It had water left in it from the previous baptism in September (before Kaitlyn and H. Bowen arrived) Bleck! The drain wasn't working correctly, so they had to take it out (spiders, mosquitos and all) one bucket at a time. They scrubbed and cleaned it and then tried filling it again. Still gross so they started the process over. Finally, they filled the 3rd time and, knowing it was clean, left the water. I will never take clean water for granted again!!! 

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