Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I Love to See the Temple...I'll Never Go Inside in Paraguay

 November 16, 2015
Hey all! 
Sorry if the title is a little bitter. We were able to go to the temple this last week and I couldn't go inside! Sad day. I mean, I have a cool missionary tag that should get me all the special deals right? ;) But as for the rest of the week it wasn't anything too crazy exciting.

We had some (a lot) of surprises that limited our ability to be able to work as we would have liked too but we were able to show a bunch of our investigators the Restoration video because we are now allowed to take our portable dvd players to lessons. It was a hit! The spirit was so strong and it was made so much clearer each and every time that Joseph Smith and what he did is so vital, not just for the church, but for each and every one of us. He showed us that we can truly go to our Father in Heaven and receive an answer and then he showed us what we have to avoid and what we must do after we receive an answer. Stay strong! Follow it! And keep the faith and trust that you have in your Father in Heaven. Truly we have living prophets and apostles leading and guiding this church today, but we can always confirm for ourselves what they say through our personal prayer and desires to understand the will of God.
Beautiful fountains at the Asuncion Temple

I love this gospel. I know it is what makes us happy. I had the joy and privilege to give a talk on ayuno <fasting> this week in sacrament and as I was giving my testimony I just felt it confirmed to me so strongly that the Lord loves us and truly is trying to help us and answer us in each and every moment.

Well....love you all so very much! Remember who you are and more importantly whose you are!

P.S: Funny moment was when the elder in our branch made brownies with wine that he thought was vainilla. It wasn't. And then he gave them to all the members. My comp was like, "this tastes like wine or something alcoholic." Good times. Later he fessed up and we about died laughing. 

Hermana Albach
Hermana Gonzales - she's been home for
4 months but happened to be at the temple
the same day we were. So good to see her!

At the temple with Elders Smith and Graves
and Hermanas Cannon, Watts, Hartley, &

H. Lopez -- she LOVES her chocolate!
(on the bus ride that lasted forever!)

H. Lopez is the BEST! I haven't had toast
in FOREVER! and she made it with
smiley faces :)

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