Monday, October 26, 2015

How to Train Your Hija: My Hija is actually Astrid!

August 31, 2015

Mis queridos,

Another week has flown by and man was it full of challenges, craziness, and the
Rocio Areco
realization that I am literally training Astrid. So now I am trying to make up more obstacle courses and we have battle training every morning and night. We will beat the bad guys. We will bring people unto Christ. We got this. 

Cristhian's baptism
But really this week was full of a lot of learning about my Savior and coming to understand him more. I realized during a personal study that I truly do not have to fear anything. Not cambios, not contacting, not coming home. Nothing. Because if I truly have faith in my Savior and my Father in Heaven and am willing to listen and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost it will all work out. Will it be easy? Probably not. But will I be happy knowing that I am in the right place at the right time? Definitely!! So if you aren't happy, are struggling, or just feel scared of the future, get on your knees. Talk to your Father in Heaven and start studying that Book of Mormon to get to know that amazing man and Lord we call our Savior Jesus Christ. 

Paganino Family
I know this week that the Lord was with us. We had so many upsets and craziness that happened but we always managed to have great lessons in the little time we had. Was that just because we are super awesome?? ......y no. Jaja. It is because it is not our work. It is the work of the Lord and if we are willing He will guide, direct, and make all things possible. 

So spiritual highlight of the week was the area conference we had Sunday where Elder Cook, Hermana Marriott, Elder Hales, and Elder Gonzalez spoke to us. They spoke about dia de reposo, templos y la familia, and la obra misional <Sabbath, temples and family, and missionary work>. During these talks it hit me so hard that I am so glad to be here as a missionary. I love this gospel so much. I know that I am right where I belong doing just what the Lord would have me do. Well, I am out of time but I love you all and remember to use those praying knees of yours!! You got this!


Hermana Albach 
Just for smiles! She loves my glasses.

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