Saturday, October 31, 2015

Soy Abuela

September 21, 2015

<I am a grandmother>
Hola y chao!! Jajaja. No chistes. 
<hello and good-bye!! hahaha. No jokes.>

Our beautiful church building
Rama 2 (2nd Ward/Branch)
Bueno this week was a lot of learning for me. It was hard, to be honest but vale la pena <worth it>! I truly learned for myself that God loves me and I felt it. I know that as we talk and allow the spirit to guide we are able to grow and learn personally and with others and how we work together. I was able to remember that truly the spirit of competition is the fostering ground for pride. And that truly it is not a race against anyone but ourselves, and as we forget ourselves and look around at the other participants we will find people to pick up and carry or to walk with for a little bit, or those that will help us when we are down. 

This is in the entry way of the church
Now on for some fun facts of the mission. First. Flour tower is a VERY dangerous game that teaches Helaman 5:12 great but I lost in this game. Hard. I was stuck in the corner and they were officially done playing the organized game and we had a flour fight and by we, I mean everyone else, just preyed on poor little me in the corner stuck. Harina por dias <flour for days>!!! 

Second. I gave shots to members in there traseros <rears>. Awkward. But hey...we got a free member lunch this week! Win!! Necessary sacrifice.

Still raining!
Third. There is hail in Paraguay and it is VERY LOUD on our metal roof. Equaling. No sleep. Rough but almost worth it. 

Fourth. The song about all you need is love is wrong, at least in my comps case. All you need is food! That truly is what makes her world go round. She even prays about how much she loves food. Have I told you all how much I love her? 

Oh and now for the reason for the title. Transfers have come again. I will be staying with my favorite food lover in Rama 2. But my other cute little daughter Hermana Bernal will be finishing training in Argentina! I am going to be a step grandma!! Oh the funniness (and strangeness) of the mission. 

Love you all and remember that we all must help those around us because we ALL want to get back to heaven. 


hermana albach
No more wondering
why my shoes are
wearing out so fast!
Building roads in

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