Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pineapples, Paints and Ponies

October 19, 2015

District Choir - I get to lead!
Hola todos! Another week has come and gone and not just gone but flown by! We had some great lessons this week and some great experiences, as well. We were able to keep visiting with Liz. She is going through a really hard time so it may be a little more time for her to get all her ducks in a row but we are teaching her igual no mas <anyway>

This week we started a game of "you know you are in Paraguay when..." and it has been a blast. One I would like to share is, "you know you are in Paraguay when there is no more room in the bus so you are hanging out in the first three steps." Panoramic view, no? But the miracle of the week was when Monica showed up to church. She got into a motor accident and hasn't been coming even without problems. But, we had a powerful lesson with her about obedience and the commandments. The spirit was so strong and then she came!! Happy day! I know this church is so true. 

Also, I have been studying a lot about hope this week and I have found that first comes faith and then comes hope, and then as we have those both we are able to develop charity but we must be patient and wait for the GIFT of hope to be given to us by the spirit THROUGH our faith! Pretty cool right? 

Well my ponderizer for the week is Alma 29:9. My mission scripture that has only become more and MORE true as I have been a missionary. I am so privileged to wear the mission placa <badge> every day and you all can be wearing the name of christ on your hearts as a placa as you strive to observe, serve, and love those around you each and every day!

Love, hermana albach

You know you're in Paraguay when you eat an orange like this: 

Or when you can watch baby pineapples and ponies grow on your walk to church...

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