Saturday, October 31, 2015

My Future Job: Professional Mud Wrestler

October 12, 2015

Hola todos!! Ok, so maybe I don't really want to be a professional mud wrestler but with the mud I have been wrestling with this week I think I just might could be a great one. :) Needless to say, we went from 100 degrees to rainy, cold, and, OH, so MUDDY to the point that I destroyed some close to destroyed boots! Check that one off the mission bucket-list! 

But really this week was crazy but great. I had some downs but the ups were SO much better that they outweighed the downs. Interviews with Pte. LaPierre were a HUGE up and answer to prayers. Fasting and receiving an answer to what I lack to progress further. HUGE UP. Having an investigator come to church and accept a fecha for baptism and really seem to want to progress. The GREATEST UP. We also had some tender mercies of being able to have great lessons with our progressing investigators. Really the Lord is so aware and is always there. 

Mi amiga, Krystal
My ponderizier for the week is Alma 56:46. I LOVE the attitude of the stripling warriors and it is one that I want to adapt in my own life. It is not the whole verse just the response that they give. 

Fun facts....we were given a half kilo of ice cream after visiting a new investigator. She is defintiely golden and we may be visiting her more. ;) Really just know that I know this church is true, that repentance is SO real (especially for the missionaries), and that the atonement is infinite and eternal and as we come close to our savior we are able to love all of those around us more truly and fully. 

Love you all, hermana albach

P.S. From my chat with Kate this week...
"My week was a huge blessing. Had interviews with presidente which was
Ivanna, me, Juanna,
& Hrma. Bowen
At English class
an answer to my struggles I have been having. Learned I am just learning how to balance my life between missionary and mission nurse, and he just said I was doing great and that it is a struggle we all have to face and I will be facing the rest of my life. He helped me be okay with the feeling to go to med school. Monica we had such a SPIRITUAL lesson and then... she didn't come to church. Juanna is great and wants so bad to do what she can. But miracle this week: we have a girl named Liz and her mom, Suni, that we are teaching and Liz came to church it was AWESOME! We are heading out there tonight to do a FHE with them. I am happy. Life is good. Nothing new or cool. Just new people. That is awesome about the weather. It is fall-like here, as well. Super crazy weather lately. Love you.

Aren't we in SOUTH America??

Brrrrrr! (And scary!)

Happy Breakfast face

Tony!!! You made it to Paraguay!

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