Saturday, October 31, 2015


October 5, 2015

Hola todos!!! 

This week was trying but possible. I was refreshed as I am sure were many at the conferencia general and have many goals to improve. My ponderizer for the week is D&C 93:49. The reason behind it being because we truly have a place with God and Jesus Christ all the time. We are there ready to watch and to follow what they do. We have a seat open next to us that is for the Holy Ghost, but if we aren't praying every day, all the time, then that seat gets occupied by Satan. And instead of having the binoculars to see our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ
more clearly than the Holy Ghost gives us, we get given a kaleidoscope from satan. It looks like binoculars but when we put it up to see more clearly, we are all confused and switching from side to side. That is why we must pray always so that we can always have those binoculars to see clearly the plan and actions that we must follow. I invite you all to share your ponderizer of the week with me. I would love it!

Something I also learned and loved from the talk of Elder Ballard was that we are all given passports to enter on the "Ol' Ship Zion" when we are baptized but then we have to fill our passports with stamps to get to the ultimate destination. How do we fill that? By continuing to make and keep covenants in the temple and every week during the sacrament. 

I am doing well. Normal ups and downs. Our area is starting to get up and off the ground a little bit more. I am excited to see what can happen. Monica (old investigator) came back out of nowhere and then came to the conferencia after having a dream where she was reading the Book of Mormon! We are excited for her. We have the family we found that three have a baptismal dates but they have to come to church. They are great and are really trying to do what we ask. It is refreshing to have people want to hear what we have to share and then to progress. I love this work. I love the Lord. I know that Presidente Monson is the prophet of God on the Earth today and that we will never not be led by a prophet until our Savior comes. 

Have a great week and remember to repasar sobre <brush up on> all your notes from conference. 


Hermana Albach

P.S. From my chat with Kate: 
"It was so weird to be in the conference and look around and realize I was the "oldest" missionary there in age and time in the mission and that was my last conferenica general in the mission. Bittersweet. But I made cinnamon rolls in honor of you, mom. Even with raisins. :)"

"Gots to go now. Our investigators are good. Honestly, mom, we don't have many so that question kind of stings. But I saw Carla and she is doing great. All of 'my' (the Lord's) converts are. Also Monica came and she is our most progressing investigator and we will be visiting her tonight. She is awesome. Then Juanna, Ivanna, and Ramon, and Belen. They are all so great and they are making baby steps. Tina and Maricela have great potential but we will see where it all goes. Love you!! till next week." Please pray for them.

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