Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Run, Forrest, Run!!"

September 28, 2015

One big river in the background
Mbaé'chepa!! Hey everybody! Are you all so excited for conference this next week?? I sure am! I cannot even wait!!! It is going to be so great! Well quick summary of my week. It was great. Hard, fast, slow, awesome. Just like any good week in the field. This week was full of small and tender mercies that always came at the points where I was ready to give up but kept going instead and prayed. One was when we had contacted all day long with NO success. Usually people at least let us in and then tell us they don't want to progress because they are Catholic and will never change religions. This day, we weren't even let in to the houses. It was crazy. I finally got to the point at about 6 or 7 when all our other appointments had fallen through that I stopped in the street and we prayed.
El Libro de Mormon
My comp felt prompted to walk over to a house pretty close that we had contacted before. The señora wasn´t there but the house right next door ended up inviting us in without us clapping. The lady has a sister and grandpa that are members and she used to attend our church for awhile. 
We ended up teaching her whole family and some of her neighbors ending up in 7 new. It was great! The next day, her three kids came to noche de rama <Ward Family Home Evening> to learn English and Friday when we came back to teach they all wanted their own copy of the LDM and really were excited to find out if it was true. There are two of them that show real and genuine interest and the rest are at least excited. I know the Lord pushes us to our limits and there gives us what we need. It has happened so much but I love it. So we are excited to see where they end up but it has a lot of potential. We will be seeing what happens tonight when we have a noche de hogar <Family Home Evening> with them. 

Playing the Memory Game - They LOVED it!
Also. The game memory is a rare novelty here. No one has played it apparently. Brought it out to entertain a little girl during noche de rama and the children just flocked to me like pigeons do to bread pieces. Hashtag: missionary version of Mary Poppins... I am just feeding the children not the birds and with the gospel. Even better. Next big music hit...or maybe not. ;) 

Elders in our area
This week we received elders to our area which means we were glorified tour guides but it was a great experience helping them out. And now onto my awesome title. So we were out with the elders at the house de Presidente Sanchez which is super far out. It was getting close to us needing to be back in our pension and with walking there was no way we were going to make it. It was the new elder Gosh's first day in the field. And what do we do? What any good missionary does...we started running. Don't worry. We beat the elders. It's all about pacing, and we didn't even die from a sprained ankle on all the crazy rocks. (Thus, the title of today's post.)

Other great moments. Met with H. Benitez for lunch and she is making so much progress and at peace. Happy times. I had the greatest night last night with a family where we had family singing time. I felt like I was at home. There was even an hermana that sang the alto part. It was great. Secret: I might have shed exactly two and half tears. It was such a great feeling and tender mercy from the Lord. Also realized a great answer and strength to my testimony this week when we were talking to a member and she said that when she thinks back on the disaster her life was before her mission she would never go back. Many of us have never seen or lived the other side of before the mission but she had and her testimony fortified mine of being so grateful for this wonderful and amazing gospel we have that blesses our lives. 

Also studied Hebrews 11-12 this week. It is awesome. Read it and prepared to be amazed about all the things that we can truly do through faith and why we are sometimes tried!!!

Love you all,

Hermana Albach
After a long day... ahhh

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