Monday, October 26, 2015

Sandwiching It!

August 10, 2015

Hola todo!!

Meet Sister Bowen
Well this week had some firsts...and not even for just my hija. For me too! First being it is the first time in my life that I have gone to eat a lunch with a family after having confirmed it and they were not there. Usually that isn't too much of a problem because it is not super far away from our pension. This time, we were super far from our house and so what did we do? We pulled an "hermana missionary" and ate our snacks of oranges, crackers, sweet potatoes, and pepas in the nearby park. Good times. I was able to get to know the Hermana Bowen a bit better. 
Hermana Bernal - I'll
miss her!

Other things: The Lord loves and guides us. I had a couple of moments that were very special with my Father in heaven and Savior this week. I was able to truly see, feel, and understand the love they have for me personally, for my area, for my comp, and for all the members. That love is capable of overcoming any problem or hard time. It is pure. It is true and there is always enough of it to go around. 

Mi casa (Pension) It's HUGE!
Transferred to Rama 2
I was able to try something new this week of every night taking time to think of things that I needed to do to improve and needed to repent of for the day. Then I was able to have mejor prayers at night and wake up the next day ready to be a better person. I was so excited to partake of the sacrament this week and realize that I never have to be the same Hermana Albach that I was last week, and that this changing power is not just for me but for the members, my comp, our investigators. It is for everything and everyone. The Lord led us to be with people in moments that we both needed and share with people things that were very special to us. One of which is an incredible member,

Lili. She is a bit menos activo but she is so loved of the Lord and has so much potential. As well as with Monica. We had some great moments this week and we are developing the criteria for me to know if someone is cool enough to be my friend. Involves winks, hot chocolate mugs, and mud fights!! 

Well I sure love you all and appreciate all you do for me and how much love and support I feel from all of you wherever you are! Know that you are so very important and that if you don´t like who you are today. That is ok. Give it to your Savior and let him change you to be a better you tomorrow. 

Hermana Albach

Notes from our chat:

Hermana Bowen and me
"TRANSFERS!! I met the newbie (Sister Krystal Bowen), Mom. I am training. As in I will be her first companion in the mission field that is not the MTC. It should be great.  It is a good, good area. Just dangerous at times...and lots of gossip and it is ginormous! We are "whitewashing" the area... me and a newbie! Whitewashing is when you go into an area and there has not been a missionary that has been there before. It will be new for both me and my comp."  

When asked if she thinks she'll ever serve in Argentina: "I have my Paraguay visa and have since I got here. Still just waiting on my Argentina one but who knows if I will ever get it. No, I have not ever been there before (the new area). Once to pick up stuff from an hermana that was staying there but no more than that." 

"Hermana Newell is going to be with an hermana I know very well and is staying in Argentina. But I talked with her and we joked about our families being in the same ward."

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